Coco Ryu Pin

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Our adorable OC is here to enchant you with her Dragon Girl Magic!

Coco Ryu is a spicy dragon girl that has a special talent; she changes element depending on the foods she eats! A green tea mochi turns her into an Earth Dragon with luscious green hair and wings, while treating herself to a bowl of yummy ice cream will transform her into an Ice Dragon with pale skin and blue wings that sparkle! You never know what Ms Coco Ryu will turn into!
Pinfo: 2.5 in | Hard Enamel | Double Posts | LE Variants
Artist: Saiyan B
Variants: Original (Non LE) Black Nickel plating, Original Colorway
Earth Dragon (LE 25) Black Nickel plating, Glow in the Dark wings and hair
Ice Dragon (LE 25) Silver plating, Glitter in blue enamel

 Sets are almost gone!

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