Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to the most frequently asked questions:

How do I contact The Deviant Side?

You can email us at We generally respond in less than 24 hrs. You can also contact us on Facebook by messaging our page www,

Why did I have to verify my age to access this site?

Due to the mature content on this site, we ask that our customers be 18 years of age or older when viewing or purchasing our products. 

What does Limited Edition (LE) mean?

         We will regularly drop items considered limited edition. This means that a     
         limited quantity of this item, or variant, will be made one time. The piece will 
         generally be marked with a number on the back such as 02/25 meaning the 
         second piece of a 25 piece limited edition run. There are some exceptions 
         to the limited edition quantity. The first is items marked with an AC. If you  
         ever see one of these from our brand, it means "artist copy". These are 
         made outside of the LE quantity to give the artist, other pin producers, etc. 
         These are made in a very small quantity. The second is if we are ever asked 
         to bring back an LE item to be carried in a retail space. If this happens, we 
         will make every effort to make it another variant, instead of the LE variant 
         previously released. We do reserve the right to bring any design back at any 

I ordered an item on pre-order. When will I get it?

         When you order a pre-order item, it will generally take 4 to 6 weeks from the 
         beginning until we begin shipping out your product. This takes into account 
         hitting our production goal, producing the product, and receiving it. All 
         orders are shipped with tracking information, and you will receive an email 
         once your label is created and your package is ready to ship. 

Why can't I use PayPal to pay for my pre-order?

         Using PayPal through Shopify creates a hold on your order until it is shipped 
         and received. This means your money is held instead of being able to be 
         used to purchase the product. If you would like to use PayPal, please 
         contact us as described above, and we can take a payment straight through 
         PayPal and input it ourselves. 

How do I get my own designs made into pins?

          Contact us at our email or through Facebook, and we would be happy to 
          talk to you about producing pins for you to sell, for us to carry, or to just 
          keep for yourself!